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Business Academy for Veterans is your ultimate resource for all things business.  Here, you will find EVERYTHING you need to build and grow your Veteran owned business. Become one of the “Insiders” by learning the Insider Secrets from an Expert Veteran Business Builder.

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At BAV, we understand what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.  Your success is our priority and we want to provide you with everything you need to build a solid, fun and profitable business.



Visit our tools page to find various types of tools and resources you can use to build your business. From ink to accounting software to marketing support, you will find what you need here.



There are countless organizations that are available to help you on your journey to building a great business. From free classes to online training to networking with like minded entrepreneurs, you’ll find, as a Veteran, your options are countless!



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When you choose BAV to coach you on the steps you should take to build a world class business, you are learning from people who have done exactly what you want to do.  Many training companies and consultants teach you from a book. We teach from ON THE JOB EXPERIENCE and our clients GET RESULTS!








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why government Contracting?

The Federal Government is a fantastic customer and they have many programs in place to support veteran-owned businesses. Below are just a few reasons why you should consider becoming a government contractor:

$400 Billion

They are the world’s largest customer, spending over $400 billion in goods and services annually


They are required by law to work with small businesses. 23% of the $400 billion dollar budget must be spent on small businesses.


They “most likely” buy what you sell…from lint brushes to complicated satellite systems

30 Days

They are required to pay their bills within 30 days

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Use this free checklist to determine if you are one of the few, qualified companies that can tap into the $12 Billion pot of gold that is reserved just for you!

BAV Matchmaking

One of the greatest benefits of joining our BAV community is matchmaking. We can help you to meet the people you need to grow your business.  We are well connected with government buyers who know that the BAV community can help them acquire many types of goods and services. They are required to purchase from Veterans and they know BAV is a great place to find “procurement ready” veteran-owned businesses.

Large businesses are required to work with Veteran companies as well.  We are aligned with many large businesses that are eager to find qualified and trusted veteran partners to meet their requirements.

Many small businesses understand the benefits of working with (or “teaming” with) veteran-owned businesses on projects for the Federal Government. These companies know that BAV can help them find great veteran partners.

So, not only will you get great training from BAV, you may also find great matches that will help you build your business. 

Where the Money is…



Attending events and networking is crucial to your success. You will find customers, collaborators and suppliers plus more. Visit our events page to determine which, where and when you should attend.

Kind Words

It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Kristy Nevils. I am always in awe of Kristy’s knowledge on the procurement process and her ability to approach a procurement deal from many angles. I personally know several of the Federal Buyers that Kristy supports and know that she understands exactly how to be a successful government contractor. They have told me what a great vendor she is. I have seen – first hand – how she builds relationships, provides excellent customer service and provides a ton of value to them. So, when I asked myself, “Who should I hire to learn how to build my business”? There was no question in my mind -Kristy Nevils.  She doesn’t just talk the talk. She walks the walk! She built her business…doing exactly what I want to do in my business. But now, she is sharing her wealth of knowledge with me – as my business coach.  I am thrilled that Kristy is now a coach – sharing from her successes and failures – and is teaching me how to grow my business. Kristy is always rooting for me and my business, always with a positive outlook on life and always willing to help. The first federal contract I won was for $380,000.

Ron G

It’s such a joy to know Kristy! Her essence draws people to her! There is a glow and energy around her that is so attractive.  When I first met her, I saw her eyes and her face and thought, “Holy Cow! Who’s that? How can I get to know her?” I was so happy to learn that she is a coach and could help me with both my business and personal life. What I love about Kristy is her connection with spirit, her clarity of who she is and how she fits in this world. She has unwavering integrity and high personal standards – traits so important in a person that you put your trust into.

Dayl K.

In only about 4 months, Kristy Nevils has assisted me and my company to win over $200,000 in Government Contracts! I would highly recommend her to any company that is looking to break into the Federal Market as her knowledge, skills and expertise have proven to be super effective. Yes, there are many options that companies can choose to pursue government contracts.  Kristy is the best choice because, unlike most government consultants, she was “in the trenches”. She built a multi-million dollar company from the ground up, won hundreds of federal contracts and is now teaching others what she has learned. She doesn’t just talk the talk – she actually walked the walk. Her results prove it!

Arturo Bobadilla

Kristy helped me to pull back the curtain of government contracting! Through working with her, I was able to land a contract with the West Palm Beach VA – a rather large, lucrative contract. I would recommend her services to anybody. She is invaluable.  Definitely, if you are on the fence, move forward. There is nothing but good things that will happen.

Scott Milligan, CEO

Federal Materials Solutions

Kristy taught me how to win federal contracts! Prior to meeting Kristy, I owned and operated 2 restaurants and just had a baby. I had absolutely NO government sales experience at all.  Kristy taught me, within a matter of months, how to successfully work with the government. She taught me how to find the “right” people that make purchasing decisions, how to present myself, my products and services to them and ultimately, how to earn their trust.  I was able to take Kristy’s awesome knowledge and experience and turn it into profits! I have won over 20 contracts and am selling hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of products and services to the federal government.

Lauren Drake

I have been an entrepreneur for most of my life. I’ve owned restaurants, a seafood business and a very successful real estate brokerage but I didn’t know a thing about Federal Contracting or it’s huge benefits, prior to meeting Kristy. Leaning about the confusing government maze and how I can make it work for me has been a rewarding experience. Kristy taught me everything I need to know about being a successful vendor in the government marketplace.  I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a bright, creative and intelligent woman! Although I’m past the age of retirement, I love selling to the government and will continue to do so for many years to come. I have, and continue to win numerous contracts in excess of a million dollars! This is a market I would highly recommend – but don’t do it without the help of Kristy as she has mastered this market!

Sheri Blanche

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